Monday, February 4, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Programming - Book On Leanpub

 Added Chapter 8 on Google Drive Files, Folders and Permissions

Added content to appendix A on VBA Google Apps Script. New examples and corrected formatting, spelling and added some more notes. This appendix is part of the free sample and can be downloaded from the leanpub book site.

Regarding the MySQL chapter, Xeround that was used for the examples has gone out of business.  Will revise that chapter using Google Cloud SQL this time round.

Preparing Chapter 9 on Email and Calendars, hope to post a draft soon.

Trying different covers!

UPDATE 14-MAY-2013
Added a chapter on Google Apps Script-JDBC-MySQL
Added an appendix with side-by-side examples in Excel VBA and Google Apps Script

UPDATE 18-FEB-2013:
Two new chapters have been added to the book.  The cover Spreadsheet, Sheet and Range objects.  There are also lots of practical examples for these objects, see:

See details here

I am now working on chapter 6 which is on GUIs.  I'll also post some new blog entries on this topic as I prepare the chapter.


I have decided to try publishing a book on Google Spreadsheet programming.  There are just three chapters at the moment (~20%) of the total and this is just a rough draft.  The content so far is all free see Leanpub.

I will continue to update this blog and post entries in parallel with adding to the book.  I would greatly appreciate feedback on the contents. Negative feedback is just as useful to me as the positive variety!

The next two chapters are in preparation and will  cover the SpreadsheetApp, Spreadsheet, and Range objects.  I plan to add these in the next week or so.  The style is very much example-driven and all the examples will be subjected to JSLint and published on GitHub.

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