Friday, November 11, 2016

Excel VBA and SQLite

I have recently done quite a bit of Excel VBA coding. I am using SQLite as a back-end for data storage, Excel as the front end client with Active X Data Objects (ADO) as the bridge. I know this is very 1990s (the VBA and the ADO that is) but so far it is working very well.

I am going to document and explain as well as I can how I have approached this. I am going to do this in GitHub and not here. I have already uploaded code and written some notes. The links are as follows:

The GitHub repository

I am using an objected-oriented approach to this and I have already uploaded some class files. These are not yet documented or tested.

If you are interested in spreadsheet development, general VBA,  object-oriented VBA, ADO, SQLite, or SQL, you might find some useful stuff there in the coming months.

I hope to write up something substantial on this topic. I will also use it to add to my Leanpub book on Google Apps Script. I have yet to cover modular and objected-oriented programming there but I plan to add a new chapter on that in the coming months.

I'll just post pointers in future on this site and will use GitHub for most of my blogging in future.

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