Friday, May 29, 2020

Moving to a new blog

The End and a New Beginning

This blog started almost 10 years ago and hasn't been updated for a long time, four years I think. I am going to start a new blog and I will post something to it within the week. Meanwhile, this blog will remain up indefinitely but this is it's final post! 😢


  • GAS has been upgraded to ES6
  • JS to replace VBA 
  • Need for VBA legacy support

Quick Summary

  • The new blog will cover VBA, JavaScript (the GAS variety) and SQL/Stored procedures.
  • I will continue using Blogspot for the time-being but I am looking to migrate to something else (Wordpress, Jekyll, or Ghost, not yet decided).
  • Google announced a major upgrade of GAS to ES6 (Migrating scripts to the V8 runtime) backed by the V8 JavaScript engine. This is big news and I will spend some time covering the new JavaScript features that are now available to GAS programmers.
  • It now looks like Microsoft plan to replace Excel VBA with JavaScript, see this video from Bill Jelen. This is an added incentive to learn JavaScript.
  • I still expect VBA to hang around for quite some time to come, especially since there is so much of it already in use so even maintaining or migrating this legacy code base will ensure VBA remains in demand.
  • I plan to write a set of posts on learning JavaScript for VBA programmers.

My Book

  • My book is still available on Leanpub (link). I have re-read it and the code still works (mostly) but it is very dated so I have now retired it.
  • I am going to write a new book from scratch and plan to make the HTML version free with an option for people to buy a PDF/Epub/Mobi version if that's what they prefer or if they would like to support my efforts.
  • The new book is not going to be a re-hash of the old one but it will cover GAS in Sheets with Excel VBA comparisons.

That's all for now. If this blog was of interest to you, then please follow the new one ( because it will contain more of this type of material and will be much more current.

Thanks for reading - Mick